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I go by FinchMyrtle on Minecraft, and I play on This Server


A failed lupine on sand dunes, Oregon Coast, July 2014.

Reblog if you’re afraid of losing your job at the Riften fishery

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i drew u a couple reverse centaurs <33<3 

oh no


Dog is now jumping the cat every time she sees him. She’s going so far as to chase him down to jump and step on him. No amount of yelling and swatting at her is working. She runs when we go after her to get her off the cat then she goes right back to jumping/stepping on him.

I was joking about emailing Cesar Milan about this before… now I might actually do it to see if he replies. I don’t want him to show up, really, just… idk, give me some advice?

This sounds totally stupid omg

Not Cesar.


it is really disingenuous — and harmful to other people with mental illnesses — to shift all the responsibility for your very poor behavior onto your mental illness

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Love the new anaconda video

he popped a boner lmao